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It's your first day as a Producer at 765Pro. You've been training all your life for this day. Which idol will you be assigned to?


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • What kind of idol do you like?

    • Cute

    • Cool

    • Passion

    • Male

  • Large or small breasts?

    • Bigger the better!

    • Flat is justice!

    • Either is fine...

  • See this. What do?

    • Fight for your life.

    • RUN!!

    • Play dumb.

    • Surrender.

    • Summon a giant robot

  • Thoughts on cooking?

    • I like good cooks.

    • Effort's what counts

    • I wanna be a carrot

  • First im@s game you played?

    • Arcade warrior.

    • Console/Handheld

    • Mobile series

    • Still waiting to

  • Do you like little girls?

    • I love 'em!

    • I like them.

  • Ever been to an im@s concert?

    • Yes

    • No

  • 結果Amami Haruka

    Hello, I'm Amami Haruka a new idol! Hmm? You're my new Produce...eh, eeehhh!? M-m-my apologies, I'm looking forward to working with you from now on!!

    (your new idol tripped and fell afterward)

  • 結果Kisaragi Chihaya

    Hm? So you're my new Producer? I see. More importantly, are there any singing jobs available?

    (your new idol went home alone afterward)

  • 結果Hoshii Miki

    zzz.... zzz... mmm, onigiri nano~... zzz...

    (your new idol didn't wake up afterward)

  • 結果Takatsuki Yayoi

    Yay! So you're my new Producer? Uu-uuu! Let's make a lot of money together from now on!☆ ζ*'ヮ')ζ

    (your new idol had a suspicious look afterward)

  • 結果Minase Iori

    Hmph, there's no way an amateur like YOU can be my Producer. Rather, where are you looking at! Creep! Pervert! THE pervert! Perverted geezer!!!

    (your new idol decided to let you be her Producer after)

  • 結果Kikuchi Makoto

    You're looking for an idol you say? There's no one else here besides me, and I'm also an idol. Could it be I'm the one you're looking for?

    . . .

    B-But I am a female idol! Producer you idiot!

    (your new idol punched you in the stomach afterward)

  • 結果Hagiwara Yukiho

    Eek! A, a, a, a man!! No way!!!

    (your new idol ran away and dug a hole afterward)

  • 結果Producer

    So you're the new Producer huh? It's nice to meet you! Eh? Me become an idol?!

    (your new coworker became an idol)